Business; smart, ethical, heartful


Business; smart, ethical, heartful ... Ola style?

Business; smart, ethical, heartful

So what can you count on? Let me quote one great teacher of mine, Phil Laut, author of “Money is my Friend”, who taught me this in the early 90s:

“In any area of life where you have a heightened interest, you will invest time. Within a year, or two or three you will have reached a certain expertise in that area. Maybe not university level expertise, but you will know more than the average person does. Now, if one of these areas is “business in general and entrepreneurship” you could put up some kind of business in all those areas of special interest. It allows you to have income of these various interests. It allows you to tax deduct any expenses you have, related to those topics, because these expenses are then part of your general business activities.”

I like to add that a variety of businesses can be synergetic. And since the basics of any business, i.e. administration, marketing and sales are in principle more or less the same whatever the service or product is, having learned these basics in one business, the knowledge and skills can easily be adopted and used in another. My businesses all circle around Joy and that synergeticly does spill over!

Translated to my life today: I have a few main businesses and actually several smaller side businesses. Some of them are fairly automated, some highly work-hours intense. The main focus of my activities also vary from time to time. They are though all driven and inspired by some aspect of Well-Being, Evolution and Joy.

If you yourself are a business professional, or an aspiring business pro and feel attracted to this, let´s see if something mutual comes up.

/ Ola

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