Co Creating the world


Co Creating the world – that's what we do, to my understanding.

Co Creating the world

Co Creating the world – that's what we do, to my understanding. We, that is the whole and complete humanity, we all together are creating the future. No one on this planet is not part taking. Each and every one of us, with our every day “doings and makings” is what creates the world of tomorrow. Some people claim that it is not so and understand their own life´s work to “only” have a very limited impact (to the rest of the planet). Some of us may be more and others less influential with what we do. Some are more focused and goal oriented. Some are letting things happen as they come along ...

Nevertheless, the world wide sum of today is the foundation for tomorrow

Some people are vaguely aware of influence, some sense and know that they are influential. What matters, to my understanding is 1) the sum and synergy of all of us and 2) the amount of consciousness we bring in. The impact of “the consciousness factor” increases. The Age of industry gave way to the age of information that now gives way to an age of consciousness, to put it very short.

That´s were “Music & Voices with Message, Music & Voices for Greatness” operates – we are voices and music to spread consciousness and to bridge from basic (survival and social) needs towards higher being needs. I call this “The Powerful Joy of Now”. “Now” because consciousness only happens Now. It might be conscious about something in the past. The actual consciousness or awareness itself happens in the moment it does happens – which is always the Now (of that specific moment).Secondly, Now is where change happens. Out of the newly awakened consciousness, one might decide to change something. But the change itself also happens in a specific Now-moment.

To implement the change, one will most likely over and over apply the change, the update of behaviour. In simple words – training. With training, and only with training can you become a master (in German: Übung macht den Meister). That's where “Joy” enters: Joy helps our physical brains to to build necessary new connections. Yes, in our brains new circuits are physically hard-wired while we practise and Joy is one of the components that makes that faster and easier. Joy also quickens the process to reach stability, which is the same as becoming good at the new thing, the new skill, an updated behaviour. Keyword “myelin”, good read is the book “Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle. So “The Powerful Joy of Now” is both the title and the actual program.

The mission statement of mine “More joyous service & aware participation to change for a World in Greatness” is both a reminder to myself and the core of my service to you and in the world. I seriously think all of us need to get more and more aware of what we actually do now, today. That is a way to change tomorrow for something “better”. We need to find the smartest ways to apply change. Smartest as in smart to 7,4 Billions people and the whole globe we all reside on and live off.

Music can be one such way. It moves bodies through rhythm, melody and voice touches feelings and words inspire minds.


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