Learnfloor - a radical approach for the process of learning


It´s aiming at a digital knowledge transfer, human to human.

Learnfloor - a radical approach for the process of learning

Learnfloor is a radical approach for the process of learning. It´s aiming at a digital knowledge transfer - digital in the sense of a perfect 1:1 copy of that which wants to be learned, from human to human.

Imagine going to concert. The band is playing music. The better the musicians perform the more you as part of the audience will be drawn into the magic of the music being played. It might be wonderful, but you´re in a certain way very dependent upon the bands performance – bad performance easily equals bad mood on your side, excellent performance easily gives you an excellent mood.

Teaching and training follows that principle pretty tight, doesn´t it?

The “floor” part in Learnfloor comes from dance floor. Take a dance floor in a discotheque or a club instead of the concert. Here the focus is the opposite; the better the DJ performs the more you forget the DJ and the more you can allow yourself to get lost into the dancing. You´ll only notice the DJ when s/he fucks up as in picking lousy music or does a technically bad mix.

That´s the principal idea of Learnfloor – to switch the focus away from the teacher to the actual content of the subject to be learned, from the trainer to that which is trained. It still needs a good content supplier but you as the person learning will be more and more focused on your own and others process of learning.

So swap dancing for learning. And swap discjockey for wisjay as in wisdom jockey; people who induce elements of wisdom and knowledge into the learning floor where you more and more get lost in the process of learning, including the exchange with the other people being in the same process of learning.

What will happen is a switch from “filters of the past” into “intelligence of the now”.

With “filters of the past” I mean that any learning process that happens after your initial life training as a baby, toddler and small kid (basically the time before school) includes a compare process that ultimately sets filters on your learning ability. You more or less awarely compare the way in which is being teached and what is being teached with that which you already know. This sets learning filters.

The more similar the present teacher teaches to the ways of previous teachers with whom you had good experiences the easier you access the learning stuff right now. And the better you can relate the content of the present subject to that which you already know, the easier it is to learn. The other way around with resemblance of old bad teachers and old boring content. Some people went through such a horrible time at school, that anything related to "learning" has bad memories coming up.

I´m not really sure if we as humanity are aware of which magnitude of filters are in operation.

But I do get a hint.

If you have ever experienced the magic of accessing the “intelligence of now”, you probably also have an idea. I´m talking about a stunning surprising peace of information that comes through, information that is absolutely fitting and it right away feels like the best possible answer to whatever the question was.

Learnfloor is thus a radical attempt to expand this principle into the field of learning in general.


Learnfloor is a research idea by P. Ola Jannhov, a Berlin based Swedish born Energy Healer * Discjockey * Mystic.


a PS

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