Next level stuff


To my understanding this wage thing called `evolution` is now about to become an aware process through humanity.

Next level stuff

To my understanding this wage thing called `evolution` is now about to become an aware process through humanity. Meaning that we as individuals and sociocultural beings are influencing ´the next level´ of evolution on this planet. There are indicators that this might be a bigger leap and that some people living today will even live to see this happen.

We are either aware or not aware, but we still influence. When we are not aware our contribution is a kind of default setting. Looking at the planet today, I find it pretty messy and full of problems and major challenges. My interpretation is that our common average default setting is pretty messy, thus the mess.

Taking the famous quotation of Albert Einstein that any given problem can not be solved with the same consciousness that created it, my thinking is that in order to truly solve any major problem we first HAVE to raise the consciousness involved.

Most animals passing a mirror or seeing themselves in a film on a TV-screen have no response, there is no recognition. One million years ago our ancestors where probably the same and we humans didn´t become self aware and self reflecting over night. So consciousness has evolved over time from small to bigger, from narrow to wider ... generally seen expanding. The most reduced classification suggests three distinct steps in consciousness: egocentric, ethnocentric and world centric. To get a quick idea on what this can be about: if someone really close to you would die out of starvation you would probably be more concerned and emotionally involve than if someone in your neighborhood died of the same cause. And when you see the news and thousands of people in some far away country that you may not even know where it is has died of starvation, do you care at all? If you care, then most likely more intellectual than strongly emotional, or?

all areas of life in all of us - permanently. They work in us individually and in any gathering of individuals, being it cultures, societies, companies, governments, institutions ... you name it.

Do you see any reason why this evolutionary process should stop or should already have stopped? Is is not rather almost 100% sure that a humanity in 500 years will have an even further, wider, bigger, more expanded consciousness than we have today?

But why wait 500 years?

Indications hint that evolution is speeding up. Now, in the beginning of the 3rd millennium, within the lifespan of a person serious consciousness evolution can happen. Sooner or later people tend to notice this and then its not far to ask:

“Can I awarely support that process, both through and to myself (egocentric) and in “my society” (ethnocentric) and in society at large (world centric)?

Yes, you can.

I am here to support you.

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