Pivot Point Method & Speed coaching


Pivot Point Method - time to turn

Pivot Point Method - time to turn

The way we percieve the world sets limits to the world.

- So, what is not obvious? Where are you blind?

Are you passionate about your purpose? And have you had enough of struggle?

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Although you already did so much personal growth stuff, it still seams that some essential thing is missing, something that is very hard to grasp? Like all that work was fruitless, leaving a feeling of almost despair. The pivot point is what I call Essential. The essential you. So, are you longing and maybe ready for a major shift? Maybe you are a ripe fruit? Let me shake you a little!

Coaching – individual process work

Don´t pay for story. Pay for result.

- poj

Speed coaching - 10 to 20 laser sharp minutes

Often any individual and more personal consultancy is set to a time frame of 60 to 90 minutes. That leaves space for a lot of story. Sometimes that is what you need, the time to tell and someone who listens.

But, often you want IT to be to the POINT, don´t you?

The format Speed coaching is a telephone call. Mostly 10 minutes (and a maximum of 20 min) are enough to find the core issue of this moment - and an essential guidance.

Speed coaching is both a great way to get to know me - and of course to have me at hand after any other process together. I offer speed coaching in packages of 5 and 10 calls, to be "used up" within 6 / 12 months. Skype, Google+ hangout or telephone - you´ll want it quick, within minutes or maximum hours. (International calls at your costs).

Coaching – individual process work (copy)

Learning and Delearning is crusial.

- poj.

Walk and Talk coaching - a relaxed half or full day

Result driven -sometimes the pure drive to have to get results can be so contra productive. I´ll then take you for a walk and later we might cook together. Just talk, let the mind wander and deepen and reach more original creativity. You´ll love it.

Tough shit coaching - sledgehammer on a hard wall

You´re stuck. Ice can be melted by compassion, tricky minds delicately taken apart, but to take down walls, a sledgehammer is needed. This is not for sissys. You really want to know and break through? Then book Tough shit coaching.

Soul Coaching

Closely related and though so different: in times when Beatles would call for Mother Mary (if you know the song?), Soul coaching in times of crisis might be it

Consultancy – laser sharp

The world is evolving so fast that waiting for researched and confirmed information has become too slow.

- poj

You have stopped looking for prefabricated solutions? And you want essential response? System potentials in the face of an emerging new consciousness. We know. We know that we don´t know. Then there is the big totally unknown rest.

Whithin that "unknown" lays hints for future, surprising futures. It is the home of potential.

“A system” being anything having a variety of interdependent impulses: a human being, group, initiative, organization, project, NGO, GO, company.

Please read the following article: [NOKIA]

It may make sense to go on working with me in a coaching and/or training setting. And it may make sense to engage other professionals - part of a sound consultancy will clear this.

Learning and Delearning is crusial.

- You need to decide what is the very best for you. Apply that

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