You & me in the world


Sometimes we need to care, heal and grow ourselves as individuals ...

You & me in the world

Sometimes we need to care, heal and grow ourselves as individuals – physiological-bodiliy, psycho-spiritual and mental-mind-brain-wise. Sometimes we need to focus on active participation in society, also with some readiness for altruistic selflessness. So the area of our main focus might change from time to time. Sometimes we need to be more socially soft skill oriented, looking at and learning about i.e. culture. Especially other cultures than our own, to understand what other people value. Then sometimes we need to focus on the material side of life, straight business and work, improving organisations, optimizing processes, getting scientific about stuff.

Getting stuck in any of these four main arenas of life too long … in the extreme they all have their own version of burn-out. I call it burn-in when one is overly focused on and lost in psycho-spiritual stuff. Burn-down I use for overly focused on and lost in materialistic self-care and overly trying to look and appear “better” (the cocooning semi successful westerner). Burn-away happens to those too much multi-culturally softskilly ...

The following might inspire you to overlook some of your own life´s activities.

  • What are the major problems to individual humans, to our organisations and socities, to humanity and to the world at large?
  • What causes these problems?
  • Are you part of these problems (in some way / or some of them) through your everyday & every month & every year life?
  • What can you change and do to be part of solutions?
  • With what and how are you specially skilled, maybe even uniquely skilled as a solution provider? - Are you great at i.e. creating, criticizing, entertaining, inspiring, monetizing, optimizing, organizing, realizing, relaxation, reporting, scrutinizing, socialising, teaching …? All of these and many more are human abilities that somehow are needed in society and thus somehow make sense – go find yours!
  • What brings you Joy while you do it? Make that better and better. More and more as service to something bigger than what you did yesterday. Remind yourself in the morning, set a “Joy-goal” for today. That is then your part of co creating a possible World of Greatness tomorrow.
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • And – enjoy your day :))

/ Ola

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