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Blog articles and Podcast recordings

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Nourish: Body*Mind*Soul

The core of my offer is "supporting people with their blissful joyous content state of being".

Apply this to the probably most far reaching question people are confronted with in their lives: "What is of highest and of ultimate concern to me?" and the outcome, my offer to you is spiritual guidance.


Co Creating the world

Co Creating the world – that's what we do, to my understanding.
We, that is the whole and complete humanity, we all together are creating the future.
No one on this planet is not part taking.
Each and every one of us, with our every day “doings and makings” is what creates the world of tomorrow.


Next level stuff

To my understanding this wage thing called `evolution` is now about to become an aware process through humanity.

Meaning that we as individuals and sociocultural beings are influencing ´the next level´ of evolution on this planet.

There are indicators that this might be a bigger leap and that some people living today will even live to see this happen.


You & me in the world

Sometimes we need to care, heal and grow ourselves as individuals – physiological-bodiliy, psycho-spiritual and mental-mind-brain-wise.

Sometimes we need to focus on active participation in society, also with some readiness for altruistic selflessness.


Scam alert 2016 - and then?

Scam alert … well, some people have criminal minds and set up fraudulent operations. That´s one thing. Some of us are duped. That also happens.
But how do the scammer reach the potential victim?
Can those involved in spreading the “sales-message” also be seen as part of the scam?
Maybe not legally but probably morally. Or what do you say?


Warning: 2016 PowerBTC is scam

A scam operation misusing bitcoins is promoted world wide through major news sites and PR agencies (including Yahoo Finances, and financial sites like
Please google PowerBTC and you´ll find world wide nice, positive formulated PR on this operation, that promises a 10% win within 48 hours, if one is willing to sell some bitcoins through their system.

Warning: PowerBTC is scam. Maybe you´d like to warn the world wide community of PowerBTC as scam? Please pass this story on.