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I have several friends who are awake

I have several friends who are awake. They don't know each other and they have very different backgrounds. When we talk, small little private conversations, the words and ways one friend describes his / hers individual experience of “awakeness” is confusingly different from the words and ways of another friend.
They are so different, that one would think, this is not at all the same phenomena they address.

Though, it is.

This podcast & blog called Natural Liberation is an attempt to unify and simplify. And to go “more natural”.

I guess the confusion starts with words and that words are not reality. Understand words as maps for the thinking mind to navigate a complex reality. The five letters H O U S E are thus like symbols on a map, and they should make you think about a HOUSE.

The letters H O U S E are not a real house. So far everything is fine?, I hope.

Now take the four letters L O V E. Is LOVE real? Is there a thing called LOVE that we could go and visit the way we could visit the house? No, we can not make love concrete the way the house is concrete. Maybe, when I write LOVE and you read LOVE, we are not referring to exactly the same thing. Or what do you think? Most likely already with the house, I think of one house and you think of another house. So unless we would visit the house I refer to, we were not exactly in the same mental room, even with the H O U S E.

So, again, what do you think about L O V E. Will it be the same love you and me refer to? Or most likely different, maybe even really different?

So talking about Freedom, Liberation, Awakening (words with a looot of meaning to them) … well, I do hope that my words will help clarify this stuff for some readers. But for others, my words will be confusing. Another way to say this, is that words are never “the” truth.
My words are more like a finger pointing. So please look where these words are pointing at. Then look closer for yourself. Come up with your own words for what you experience, maybe.


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